An Alternative Medium Frontend
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Privacy-focused proxy for

Awesome Humane Tech status-badge codecov


Usable. Should you run into a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error, please file a bug report with the URL of the post you were trying to read and the git commit hash of the build. Git commit hash can be obtained from /api/v1/meta/build.

This proxy works by interacting with Medium's undocumented(probably private but unauthenticated) API. So I've had to make assumptions and tweak API schematics as I run into errors.


  • proxy images
  • proxy GitHub gists
  • render posts
  • syntax highlighting for gists
  • user pages(WIP)
  • RSS feeds


Knowledge is the true wealth of humanity. If it weren't for our ancestors, who chose to pass down their knowledge and experiences, we would still be a primitive species. Whatever advancement that we as a species have achieved is because we chose to share information.

To put a paywall on knowledge like that is both obscene and goes against the very nature of humanity.

It is possible to run a sustainable publication business while still respecting freedom. is one of my favourite publications that has been around forever. So it is possible. I hope comes up with other, non-harmful ways to run a sustainable business.


Instance Country Provider Host India Airtel @realaravinth US Hetzner ~vern
http://md.vernccvbvyi5qhfzyqengccj7lkove6bjot2xhh5kajhwvidqafczrad.onion/ N/A Hetzner ~vern
http://vernaqj2qr2pijpgvf3od6ssc3ulz3nv52gwr3hba5l6humuzmgq.b32.i2p/ N/A Hetzner ~vern France Gandi hostux


  1. Grab ./config/default.toml and make necessary changes

  2. AMD64 pre-compiled images are available on DockerHub.

docker run -d \
  -v ./config/default.toml:/etc/libmedium/config.toml \
  -p 8082:7000 \
  --restart always \
  --name libmedium \

If you are on a different architecture, run make docker and then run the above command.

make docker

Inspired by Scribe - An Alternative Medium Frontend