JS library to interact with Forgejo API to work with notifications https://forgejo-notifications-core.docs.forgeflux.org/
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  1. Docs: https://forgejo-notifications-core.docs.forgeflux.org/
  2. Code coverage: https://forgejo-notifications-core.docs.forgeflux.org/coverage/lcov-report/index

Dev Notes

Requires your Forgejo instance admin to enable CORS for at least the origin which serves the notification panel. Please see here for more information.

NOTE: The test forgejo configuration may be insecure for your usecase since it allows CORS for all origins with the widest possible surface.


pnpm install
pnpm run build

Compiled library will be available at ./dist/index.js



pnpm install
pnpm run doc
firefox ./docs/index.html


There are [scripts][./integration] to setup a Forgejo instance locally, create [bunch of]./integration/lib.sh) of users, repository and issues to test all functionality offered by this library. It might be useful to recreate this environment with make env.up and ./integration/tests.sh for development.

Uses Docker.

pnpm install
make env.up
make test