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@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ As you may have heard Zola is quite flexible :) So, the scenario below is one of
1. Fork the repo and replace demo-content inside content folder with yours. But take a look to files. It contains `title` and when you want to have anchor right of your headers add `insert_anchor_links = "right"` to each index. `theme.toml`, screenshot and readme may be deleted too.
2. Inside `config.toml` change URL and title on your own. In extra section you can specify path to your GitHub API for version below the logo on nav, favicon and logo itself. Or just remove the lines if you don't need it. Also, you can configure or turn on some additional settings related to Zola. [Specification is here](
3. In sass/_variables.scss you may change font, color or backgound if you want.
3. In sass/_variables.scss you may change font, color or background if you want.
4. Almost done. Now, you should decide how you want to build and where will be hosted your website. You can build it locally and upload to somewhere. Or build in GitHub Actions and host on GitHub Pages / Netlify / CloudFlare Pages / AnyS3CloudStorage. [Howto for GitHub Pages]( [My example]( of GitHub workflow with 2-steps build (the first checks for links and spelling errors, the second uploads to Azure). [Dockerfile]( to make Docker image.
Enjoy your docs!