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# source code of your copy of pages server.
source_code = ""
# To deploy a website from a Git repository, please provide the following details:
# 1. branch: the branch in the Git repository which contains the website files
# 2. repo: the public readonly/clonable URL of the website repository
# 3. path: the directory where you'd like Pages to clone the specified repository
# 3. secret: a unique secret which is used to authenticate webhook calls
pages = [
{ branch = "gh-pages", repo = "", path ="/tmp/pages/mcaptcha/website", secret = "faee1b650ac586068a54cb160bd6353c5e16be7c64b49113fe57726e5393" },
# The port at which you want Pages to listen to
port = 7000
#IP address. Enter to listen on all availale addresses
ip= ""
# The number of worker threads that must be spun up by the Pages server.
# Minimum of two threads are advisable for top async performance but can work
# with one also.
workers = 2